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The Inside Scoop on the NEW and IMPROVED Rooibos Lifestyle Shake 500g (30 Day Supply)

Annique’s Rooibos Lifestyle Shake is a firm favourite amongst thousands of Consultants and Clients. Did you know it was the very first product Annique launched back in 1971 when the business started? And until today it is one of our top sellers.

We have received countless testimonials over the years on how the Lifestyle Shake has improved people’s lives for the better, from healthy weight loss to a healthy snack for growing kids and how it has helped the elderly and others to recover from illness.

There have been several new developments and technological advancements in the health supplement space in recent years, paving the way for the development of a new, improved Annique Rooibos Lifestyle Shake. The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) also established new rules with recommendations for the minimum and maximum dosages for ingredients providing the opportunity to include more of some essential ingredients in the new formula.

Annique’s new and improved Rooibos Lifestyle Shake is a premium supplement that has a special blend of components to help replace and maintain your body’s nutrient levels.


This incredible new formulation now contains:

  • 54% less carbohydrates
  • More protein and good fats, for sustainable energy
  • More vitamins and minerals to support good health
  • One month supply (33 servings)

The Difference Between the New Lifestyle Shake 500g and the previous Shake 300g:

  New Shake Formula   Previous Formula  
  New and improved formula   
SAHPRA  SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority) compliant with the Complementary Medicines (Quality, Safety and Efficacy) act.  Not SAHPRA approved 
Macro nutrient (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) comparison 
  • More good fats added (from responsibly sourced palm oil, which is naturally rich in vitamin E, essential to improve mental and heart health) 
  • Protein increased by 31%  
  • Carbohydrates reduced by 54% 
The effect is more sustainable energy and improved maintenance of blood sugar levels 
Vitamins and minerals  The vitamin and mineral content has been upgraded. 20 out of the 23 vitamins and minerals have been increased in the new formula.   
Fibre   The new Shake contains inulin, a soluble fibre that aids digestion, helps to relieve constipation, and even aids in the body’s absorption of calcium and magnesium.  Contains apple fibre 
Taste  Contains a slightly different, yet still creamy and delicious taste   
Size of pack  Now available in a 500g, one-month supply pack     Available in 300g, less than one month supply   
Servings per pack  33 servings  20 servings 
Packaging  The packaging has also been updated to be a convenient pouch, that is more sustainable and uses less plastic. It is also more flexible and lightweight and is produced with significantly less carbon emissions.     Plastic jar 
Both formulas contain:   
  • Skim and full cream milk 
  • Rooibos extract 
  • Stevia (sweetener) 
  • Vitamins and minerals 
Stevia is one of the best low glycemic sweeteners around. It is derived from the leaves of the stevia plant and is 40 times sweeter than sugar. It is a highly effective alternative for a healthy lifestyle.
Macro Nutrient Content  New Shake  Contribution to Total formula  Previous Shake   Contribution to Total formula  Difference 
Protein  2.5  17%  1.9  13%  32% 
Carbohydrates  4.7  31%  10.2  68%  -54% 
Fat   5.4  36%  0.6  4%  8 times more 
Fibre  1.1  7%  1.1  7%   
  • Mix two scoops (15g) with 250ml full cream milk, yogurt, water or Rooibos and shake or mix well.
  • Recommended from 4 years.
  • Before starting using the product or any other weight loss program, it is advisable that certain people, like children, insulin-dependent diabetics, and those with damaged renal function, consult with their doctors.
  • Palm Oil
  • Skim Milk
  • Full Cream Milk
  • Inulin
  • Flavour
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Salt
  • Bitterness Masker
  • Vitamin Premix
  • Rooibos Extract
  • Sweetener (Stevia)
  • Magnesium Lactate
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Chromium
  • Convenient
  • Delicious
  • Contains less carbs for sustained energy
  • Fibre may help to keep you regular

Helps to:

  • Build and maintain strong bones
  • Reduce fatigue and exhaustion


  • A healthy nervous system and brain
  • A healthy metabolism
  • The body’s cell maintenance and production
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  1. One-months supply 
  2. Cholesterol free 
  3. Trans fat free 
  4. Gluten free 
  5. Preservatives free 
  6. No added sugar 
  7. Free of potentially harmful artificial sweeteners 
  8. Unique formula with Rooibos for its health promoting properties
  • OptiVite 
  • OptiMega 
  • OptiCalMag 
Formula Comparison: 
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION  Unit  New Shake per 15g   Current Shake per 15g  Difference 
Energy   kJ  338  227  111 
   kCal  81  54,5  26,5 
Protein  g  2,5  1,9  0,6 
Total Carbohydrate  g  4,7  10,2  -5,5 
of which polyols  g  0  0  0 
of which glycaemic carbohydrate  g  4,7  8,4  -3,7 
of which sugar  g  4,7  4,45  0,25 
Sucrose  g  0  0,1  -0,1 
Fructose  g  0,1  0,05  0,05 
Glucose  g  0,8  0,9  -0,1 
Lactose  g  3,6  3,05  0,55 
Maltose  g  0  0,3  -0,3 
Total Fat  g  5,4  0,6  4,8 
of which saturated  g  2,3  0,4  1,9 
of which monounsaturated  g  1,7  0,15  1,55 
of which polyunsaturated  g  0  0,05  -0,05 
of which trans  g  0  0,5  -0,5 
Cholesterol  mg  0  0  0 
Fibre  g  1,1  1,1  0 
Sodium  mg  25,4  61  -35,6 
Total    15  15   
Vitamin and mineral composition: 
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION  Unit  New Shake Per 15g   Current Shake per 15g  Difference 
Vitamin A   IU  599,4  76,65  522,75 
Vitamin C  mg  20  15  5 
Vitamin D  IU  120  0,5  119,5 
Vitamin E  IU   3  2,75  0,25 
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)  mg  0,24  0,1  0,14 
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)  mg  0,26  0,15  0,11 
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)  mg  0,34  0,25  0,09 
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)  mg  80  40,5  39,5 
Vitamin B12  µg  0,48  0,4  0,08 
Biotin (Vitamin B7)  mg  6  97,5  -91,5 
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)  mg  1    1 
Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3)  mg   3,2  3,15  0,05 
Vitamin D 3  IU  3,2  0,85  2,35 
Vitamin K  µg  24  0  24 
Calcium  mg  28,2    28,2 
Phosphorus  mg  7,9    7,9 
Potassium  mg  8,8    8,8 
Chromium  µg  4  1,5  2,5 
Copper  mg  0,1  0,05  0,05 
Iodine  µg  30  5,4  24,6 
Iron  µg  3,6  1062  -1058,4 
Manganese  µg  460  465  -5 
Selenium  µg  11  16,5  -5,5 
Zinc  µg  4  0,2  3,8 

Q: What is the difference between the new and previous Shake formulas? 

A: The new Shake formula contains:  

  • Less carbs and more protein and healthy fats 
  • 500g/33 day’s supply 

Q: Why does the new Shake label and ingredient list differ from the old? 

A: With the new improved formula, we have updated the label with the correct format and information. As the formula has been improved, the new label will not correspond with the old label and there will be more detail on the new label. 

Q: Why did we change the size of the Shake from 300g to 500g 

A: We have received overwhelming feedback that customers prefer to buy a one-month supply of the Shake. Hence we have reverted back to a 500g and 33 serving size for your convenience.  

Q: Is the Lifestyle Shake a meal replacement?  

A: The product was formulated to supplement your nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals. It is not a meal replacement.