At Annique it is no secret that we strive to create life-changing opportunities everyday! Training is one of the key drivers in any successful Direct Selling business. Over the years it has been Annique’s focus to educate our Consultants about our amazing products and the health and beauty benefits of Rooibos. Knowledge is power, and it has been proven over and over again that the more you know about your product, the better and easier it becomes to sell and recommend it. Sell the solution, not the product! Be a solver, not a seller.

The Annique Academy

It is with great excitement that we enter a new chapter of empowerment by introducing The Annique Academy. This multi-media digital platform will enable Consultants to better understand Annique’s products and thereby grow their businesses more effectively. The two main sections of the Annique Academy are the ‘Information Library’ section, containing a library of useful information; and the ‘Courses’ section, to put your newly gained knowledge to the test.

Information Library

Information on Annique’s products and other related topics can be found in the Information Library section. Here you can access regularly updated information on skincare, lifestyle and body care. Learn about different skin types and which Annique products to use and recommend for different requirements. Whether you want to learn more about your skin or brush up on your product knowledge, all available at your fingertips. A search function and tags section is available for easy navigation and to simplify your search.


The Courses section is Annique’s own personal multi-media e-learning platform. It consists of various courses on Annique products and other related topics. Complete a training course in your own time from the convenience of your office or home. After completing a course, you receive a digital certificate, certifying you as an Annique Consultant.

The Annique Academy has a fully stocked library on skincare, lifestyle and body care, alongside an e-learning platform to take your knowledge to the next level.

Frequently Asked Question

New to the Annique Academy is the FAQ section, an organized collection of valuable information and questions that we often get with regards to the Annique products range. The section is divided up into five categories: General, Skincare, Lifestyle, Body Care and Business. Each category covers frequently asked questions about products within the respective category as well as ailments associated with the category. Here you will also find a comprehensive list of products safe/not safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This amazing tool will soon be utilised to bring to you business training in both the Resources and Courses section of this website.

Get started now and take the first step to growing your future.