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Forever Young Bo-Serum – 30 ml

Annique Forever Young Bo-Serum is your Botox in a bottle, but unlike Botox it is a safe, non-toxic, non-invasive alternative to surgery or injections. See your wrinkles diminish with every application of this potent serum!

Prominent wrinkles and lines are prone to appear on areas of the face that involve repeated facial expressions like smiling and frowning. Bo-Serum can help visibly soften these lines, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

Forever Young Bo-Serum is a highly effective serum containing BONT-L peptide that is a synthetic peptide that mimics the results that you would get with Botox without the normal risk associated with Botox. This product will help you stop fine lines and wrinkles from further developing and will also soften and relax existing ones.

Forever Young Bo-Serum also contains anti-ageing Rooibos extract as well as Cogon grass botanical extract that is an extraordinary ingredient high in potassium that is not only very moisturising, but also excellent for helping your skin to retain moisture. In short, this is a highly effective anti-ageing moisturizing serum that deserves to be included in any skin care regime.

Apply Annique Forever Young Bo-Serum before Skin Detox in the Mornings and Evenings

  • Rooibos Extract
  • BoNT-L Peptide
  • Moisture+
  • VNA10+

Apply onto clean skin, before applying Skin Detox.

Use morning (AM) and evening (PM).

Press gently onto skin.

Wait a few seconds before applying your following product.

Always remember to use sunscreen as your daily skincare routine.

Relaxes skin

Iron out wrinkles

  • Clients who want to reduce lines and wrinkles from repeated facial expressions
  • Clients who want to prevent wrinkles
  1. Prevent wrinkles from forming
  2. De-stress skin
  3. “Face-lift in a bottle”
  • Youth Restoring Masque
  • Anti-Ageing Serum
  • Crème Exfoliator