Forever Young Revitalising Cream – 50ml

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The ideal anti-ageing cream is ideal for the restoration, renewal and rejuvenation of skin cells.

Forever Young Revitalising Cream can be seen as Annique’s flagship product and is by far the most popular under Annique users.

This wonder product was one of the first skin care products that Annique launched in the mid-1970s and is still one of the company’s top sellers today.

Made with Rooibos extract and VNA10+

Forever Young Revitalising Cream restores the cells’ ability to retain moisture and stimulates the cells’ own production of collagen and elastin for a faster cell replacement cycle.

Collagen is vital for the creation of new cells, but only the body’s own collagen is effective for the production of new cells. The principal aim of the Forever Young Revitalising Cream therefore, is to restore the cell’s ability to produce its own collagen and to help it retain moisture, as though it is a younger skin.

The Forever Young Revitalising Cream is recommended for any skin type and age and should never be used without an Annique moisturiser. Combine with the Anti-Ageing Serum for aged and dehydrated skins. The Forever Young Revitalising Cream is a tonic that enhances the functions of the other products, and is effectively supported by other products from Annique.

It contains Annique’s exclusive Rooibos extract for its hypo-allergenic and antioxidant qualities. Scientific tests have demonstrated that the plant-based active ingredient VNA10+ is far superior to any active in its class.

Dermatological tests have shown that its anti-allergenic, non-irritating formula is suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

Annique’s Forever Young Revitalising Cream combines the proven anti-ageing properties of Rooibos extract with VNA10+ into a quality age-defying product that has stood the test of time for over 45 years.

Forever young Revitalising Cream must be used with a moisturiser to unlock its full anti-ageing potential to rejuvenate your skin.

Forever Young Revitalising Cream provides nourishment while a moisturiser provides hydration. It can be used at any age and works for all skin types. Skin cells are restored and rejuvenated to give your skin that elusive fresh healthy glowing look at any age.

Every woman wants a product that will slow down the first signs of ageing or to repair and restore damage already done so that she can look good at any age. Be proactive about preventing and reducing the signs of ageing and introduce Annique Revitalising cream into your skin care regime as soon as possible.

A highly effective plant extract VNA10+ is a key ingredient of this exclusive cream and the good news is that it is non-irritating so it is also suitable for sensitive skin types.

Vitamin E is known to help repair tissue, and pro-vitamin B5 is great for hydrating and protecting the skin.

Key active ingredients:

  • Rooibos extract
  • VNA10+
  • D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
  • Lanolin
  • Vitamin E

Product application:

Apply the Forever Young Revitalising Cream after Skin Detox morning and evening followed by your moisturiser. Spread a small amount (about a quarter of a teaspoon) over palms and press onto the whole face, neck (front and back) and chest area. Press remaining cream onto top of hands.

  • Younger than 25: 3 Times per week
  • From ages 25 – 35: once daily
  • Persons 35+: twice daily


  • Nourishes, repairs, restores
  • Plumps up skin
  • Maintains youthful skin

Who is your customer?

  • People with dull, lifeless skin
  • People with aged skin
  • Prevents premature ageing

Unique Selling Points:

  • Improves elasticity
  • Increases skin’s moisture content
  • Improves dryness
  • Stimulates collagen production

Ideal with:

  • Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin
  • Anti-Ageing Serum
  • Skin Detox