Essense Sensi Crème – 50 ml

Annique Essense Sensi Crème – Your number one solution for sensitive and allergic skin problems

Your skin might be sensitive due to hereditary factors, pollutants, free radicals, harsh skin care methods, medication, diet or the environment you live in. The Sensi Crème can be used to recondition and coach your skin to accept and respond positively to Annique’s skin care ranges to include moisturising, cleansing, nourishing and revitalising products.

Formulated to provide essential fatty acids to help nourish, soothe and moisturise even the most sensitive skins.

Sensi Crème contains Rooibos extract and is hypoallergenic and non-irritating and helps to calm and soothe red, irritated, inflamed and the most sensitive skin types.

Recommendation for a new customer with a sensitive skin:

  • Recommend that they only use the Sensi Crème 10 to 14 days before you add one more Annique skin care product to their routine every 14 days. Skin reactions due to wind/sun damage: Apply a thick layer of the Sensi Crème and use it as a leave-on masque. It can also be reapplied during the day/night.

Dry or irritated, itchy scalp:

  • Mix Sensi Crème with Annique’s Miracle Tissue Oil for a leave-on treatment and follow up with the Annique Resque Hair Nutrition+

Hormonal skin changes:

  • Stop using your other Annique products and replace your cleanser, moisturiser and night cream with Sensi Crème for 10 to 14 days.

Shaving rash/irritated skin:

  • Rinse the area with Rooibos-infused water and apply your Sensi Crème directly after you have shaved.

Step by step guide to treating sensitive skin with Annique’s Sensi Crème

Step 1:

Use the Sensi Crème as a cleanser in the evenings, a moisturiser (throughout the day or at night time), and as a masque (twice a week) for 10 to 14 days (can also be used for 30 days or more if needed).

Rinse your skin with Rooibos-infused water in the evenings and mornings.

Step 2:

Replace the Sensi Crème in your skin care routine every 10 to 14 days (can also be used for 30 days or more if needed) with ONE other Annique product.

Start with the Lucid Calming Cleansing Crème or Hydrafine Gentle Cleanser or Synergy Oil Control Cleanser and still use the Sensi Crème during the day and night time as a moisturiser and night cream with the Skin Detox and Hydrafine Skin Refining Freshener or Lucid HydraRestore Freshener or Synergy Clear Complexion Freshener.

Step 3:

After another 10 to 14 days you can add the Annique Revitalising Cream if rejuvenation is required or a night cream suitable for your skin type, which is needed for nourishing. It is still recommended that you use the Sensi Crème for a moisturiser and throughout the day for as long as needed.

Keep doing this until the Sensi Crème has been replaced by a normal Annique skin care range. Advise your customer to keep her Sensi Crème handy for when her skin starts to itch or react as a result of exposure to the elements, hormonal changes, seasons and anything that might cause a sensitive reaction.

Key active ingredients:

  • Rooibos extract
  • Macadamia Nut Oil

Product application:

  • Apply Sensi Crème as frequently as needed
  • Sensi Crème can also be used as a cleanser in the evening, wiping the product off the face with a gentle cloth soaked in Rooibos tea
  • For best results with a sensitive skin continue to use Sensi Crème with your normal skin care routine


  • Formulated for sensitive and allergic skin
  • Moisturising and nourishing properties

Who is your customer?

  • Sensitive skin clients

Unique Selling Points:

  • Clients with allergic skin
  • Clients with sensitive skin that struggle with acne and pimples

Ideal with:

  • Revitalising Cream
  • Skin Detox
  • Rooibos Tea