Annique’s Essense Treatment range for every skin care concern.

A highly effective skin care treatment range that provides unrivalled solutions for specific skin care challenges, like pigmentation, scarring, sensitivity and uneven skin-tone.

At the core of the Essense range there are advanced skin solutions that contain high percentage active ingredients in order to combat and conquer every skin problem.

Video:                       (Miracle Tissue Oil)                    (Miracle Tissue Oil)                       (Miracle Tissue Oil Testimonial)                     (Skin Detox)                       (Enzymatic Exfoliator)                       (Enzymatic Exfoliator Testimonial)                  (Liquid Skin Nutrition)                     (Moisture Serum)                        (Rooibos and Acne: The Annique Solution)


Unit standard: Beginners course


At the end of this module, you must be able to:

  1. Know the 6 differences that make Annique unique
  2. Know each product’s benefits
  3. Know the Essense products’ key active ingredients