OptiToniQ+: For optimal pH in cells – 30ml

OptiToniQ+ is 100% pure, natural and organically balanced water concentrate with Himalayan crystal salt, containing 84 minerals and trace elements which are identical to and essential for the human body. It helps to balance your body’s pH, rendering it uninhabitable for viruses, bacteria, fungus, cancer, etc. and it optimally provides 84 essential minerals needed for every cell function.

OptiToniQ+ will improve hydration and restore the body’s mineral balance, ensure transport of nutrients and oxygen directly into the cells and enable faster detoxification and removal of waste products. This will prevent illness; enable the body to deal with current health concerns and rejuvenate cells and the body as a whole.

12 Ailments that can be improved by taking OptiToniQ+:

  • Blood pressure problems (high or low)
  • Bone density problems
  • High cholesterol
  • Cancer
  • Eczema
  • Allergies
  • Acne
  • Hyperacidity
  • Rheumatic illnesses like gout and arthritis
  • Gall and kidney stones
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalances

Warning: We recommend that a pregnant woman should always consult a healthcare practitioner first, before taking OptiToniQ+ during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

What is  OptiToniQ+?

OptiToniQ+ is 100% pure, natural and organic balanced water concentrate with Himalayan crystal salt, containing 84 minerals and trace elements which are identical to and essential for the human body.

What is Himalayan corystal salt?

Himalayan crystal salt is salt in its native form that helps promote a healthy balance in your body. It contains all of the trace elements and minerals that are found in the body and can be immediately absorbed.

Himalayan crystal salt comes from the Himalayan mountain range where, millions of years ago, a vast ocean covered that area. It is pure, unpolluted, mineral-rich salt that has been crystallised in the earth over millions of years. It does not burden the body as other salts do.

Himalayan crystal salt regulates the water content of the body, and can be considered a food.

What does OptiToniQ+ do?

 OptiToniQ+ Age Defence Solution will balance your body’s pH, making it impossible for viruses, bacteria and cancer to survive, and it provides the 84 minerals the body needs to balance itself and function at optimum levels. Your body identifies OptiToniQ+ immediately. It hydrates, detoxes and feeds cells with 84 minerals. It is the basis of all nutrition. All the cells in the body start to function properly.

Why should I take OptiToniQ+?

OptiToniQ+ feeds your body’s cells. OptiToniQ+ seeks to restore your body’s balance. It hydrates, oxygenates, nourishes and detoxifies the cells.

OptiToniQ+ can help the body prevent illness, disease and ageing.

Can I take OptiToniQ+ if I’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure?

Yes, contrary to common table salt (sodium chloride), OptiToniQ+ can be used by those with high blood pressure. In fact, OptiToniQ+ will lower blood pressure. Those with low blood pressure can also consume OptiToniQ+ and their blood pressure will rise. This means that OptiToniQ+ is not only a blood pressure lowering remedy. OptiToniQ+‘s fundamental attribute is to restore the body’s balance.

Can I take OptiToniQ+ while I’m pregnant or while breastfeeding?

 *We recommend that a pregnant woman should always consult a healthcare practitioner first, before taking OptiToniQ+ during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Pregnant women often suffer from numerous nutritional deficiencies, because the developing foetus is constantly drawing nutrients from its mother. This is why many pregnant women crave certain types of food during pregnancy.

Their bodies need additional nutrients. OptiToniQ+ is a natural and well-balanced saltwater solution containing organic colloidal minerals and trace elements, of which the human body is comprised. OptiToniQ+ can therefore complement and improve the intake of (healthy) food and nutritional supplements prescribed by the healthcare practitioner.

Will OptiToniQ+ influence my hormone medication?

No, it can’t interfere with the action of medication. It will help your body cope better with the treatment. It is micro-supplementation.

Is OptiToniQ+ a medicine?

 No, OptiToniQ+ is a lifestyle product and is classified as revitalised structured cell water with balancing and energising effects at a cellular level, when drinking it in diluted form. OptiToniQ+ is part of a holistic healing approach by stimulating our body‘s innate regulatory abilities to restore energy balance.

How often do I have to take the OptiToniQ+?

OptiToniQ+ is a lifestyle product and, for maximum benefits, should be taken on a daily basis. When you start taking OptiToniQ+ you will most likely not suddenly be healed or feel and look younger. You will most probably experience subtle changes in your health and only after a few months will you realise the results.

It fits in perfectly with Annique’s lifestyle philosophy and thus it should form part of your lifestyle.

Will I feel a difference when using OptiToniQ+?

The response after taking OptiToniQ+ varies from person to person. In the first period of taking OptiToniQ+ one can experience certain side-effects because of the detoxification or healing crisis that the body goes through.

One of the results of taking OptiToniQ+ is the removal of toxins from the body. These symptoms may include headaches, nausea, frequent urination, diarrhoea, extreme tiredness and lower back pain. These detoxifying symptoms normally last between 1 to 7 days.

We have not heard of anyone experiencing it for longer than 2 weeks. The severity and the duration of this detoxifying is experienced, is however, completely unique to each individual taking the product and is proportional in its intensity to the condition of the person‘s body taking it at time. A normal result of taking OptiToniQ+ is a thirst for water.

Can I take OptiToniQ+ when I am already taking nutritional supplements?

Yes, OptiToniQ+ can be used in conjunction with nutritional supplements because its increases the bio-availability of these other substances, enabling the body to utilise them more effectively. OptiToniQ+ provides 84 minerals that increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals in micro nutrients.

OptiToniQ+ should be taken together with multivitamin supplements (like Annique

OptiVite and OptiC). It is safe to use with Zerotox and all other Annique Forever Healthy supplements.

*Please consult your medical practitioner before using OptiToniQ+ if you are pregnant or under medical care.

Am I cheating if I use OptiToniQ+ during sports competitions?

No, OptiToniQ+ is 100% pure, natural and organic and contains no alcohol, glucose or ingredients that can be associated with any form of performance-enhancing drug.

What is the expiry date of OptiToniQ+?

We have a one year expiry after date of manufacture. Once opened, use OptiToniQ+ within 90 days. Always store  OptiToniQ+ in a cool, odourless place, away from direct sunlight.

Why can’t I dilute OptiToniQ+ in tap water?

The chlorine in tap water will destroy the delicate mineral and other properties in the OptiToniQ+ solution. Use filtered, distilled, ionised, or purified water (achieved through reverse osmosis).

Can I use boiled water to dilute OptiToniQ+?

No. Boiling water will not remove the chlorine, and will therefore destroy the health and revitalising properties of OptiToniQ+.

Can I take OptiToniQ+ undiluted?

Yes. It is however strongly advised to drink a glass of chlorine-free water after taking OptiToniQ+ in undiluted form. You can even add OptiToniQ+ to your food as seasoning. The best way to take OptiToniQ+ is to add it to water – add a few drops to an empty glass and top up with chlorine-free water.

This ensures maximum dispersion of the minerals in the water.

I can’t always buy bottled water and also do not have a water purifying system in my home or office. How can I take OptiToniQ+?

There are different ways you can take your OptiToniQ+.

The best way is with chlorine-free water, but if you do not have access to chlorine chlorine-free water, you can take OptiToniQ+ as follows:

  • In milk or Annique Lifestyle Shake (made with milk or chlorine-free water)
  • Rooibos tea (made with
  • chlorine-free
  • water)
  • Sprinkle over your food
  • Take drops undiluted
  • 16 drops per day added to chlorine-free water or any other beverage
  • Can also be taken undiluted or sprinkle it over food instead of normal table salt
  • If you used OptiToniQ+ before falling pregnant, you can continue drinking OptiToniQ+ throughout your pregnancy.

From 6 months

  • 2 drops per day

From 10 years

  • 6 drops per day

From 18 years

  • 16 drops per day
  • Concentrated Himalayan crystal salt in a pure water solution

Skin Health

  • Acne, eczema, dry scalp and skin and allergies

Liquid Energy

  • Energises the body’s cells

Heart Health

  • Normalises blood pressure (high or low) and cholesterol

The Perfect Sports Drink

  • When we sweat and workout we lose minerals (or electrolytes). OptiToniQ+ replenishes those minerals