OptiCalMag: For bone, heart and arterial system support – 90 Capsules

Most people know calcium and magnesium help build strong teeth and bones, but they also plays a crucial role in muscle and blood vessel function, the functioning of the nervous system and helping the heart muscle to function properly.

Annique Forever Healthy OptiCalMag is much more than just building better bones. Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body, and it is also the most abundant.

Because calcium is so important, the body will do everything in its power to obtain it. If you are not getting enough calcium from your diet, the body will extract it from your teeth and bones.

The body’s ability to absorb calcium also declines as we age. This means our bones begin to weaken, which could lead to osteoporosis. This is why supplementation becomes even more critical – especially for women. It is also critical to understand acidity, when taking calcium supplements.

Most foods are acid-forming and the body needs an alkaline environment to perform optimally. If the body is too acidic, you will not be able to optimally absorb the nutrients from food and supplementation.

There are different forms of calcium and magnesium used in supplements, of which the quality and body’s ability to absorb these vary dramatically. It is important to look for a quality calcium supplement that is more bioavailable, rather than for quantity of calcium contained.

Annique Forever Healthy OptiCalMag provides the correct ratio of three parts magnesium to four parts calcium. It also contains calcium citrate for better absorption. Forever Healthy OptiCalMag is further enhanced with vitamin E and vitamin D3, linseed oil and Green Rooibos extract.

Calcium and magnesium are vital minerals that work synergistically with one another to promote better absorption. Magnesium plays a significant role in more than 300 chemical reactions to keep your body functioning properly.

Calcium and magnesium are also important for the health of your heart and arteries. Magnesium relaxes your muscles and calcium contracts muscles.

Probiotics in OptiFlora is the nucleus of your supplementation program, followed closely by three critical supplements that form the baseline nutrition of Forever Healthy to support, improve and maintain optimum health: a multivitamin (OptiVite), omega 3 essential oils (OptiMega) and necessary minerals calcium and magnesium (OptiCalMag).

  • Take 2 – 4 capsules per day for women and 1 capsule per day for men, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Linseed oil
  • Calcium citrate
  • Magnesium citrate
  • Green Rooibos extract


  • Provides foundation for healthy teeth and bones
  • Helps muscle and nerve tissue development
  • Helps muscle contractions and blood regulation
  • Helps with hormone secretion
  • Helps prevent hypertension, obesity and some cancers


  • Maintains healthy muscle and nerve function
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Regulates heartbeat and blood sugar levels
  • Helps prevent and manage type 2 diabetes
  • Supports immune system
  • Excessive drinking of coffee and carbonated drinks
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Lack of exercise
  • Acid-forming foods, like carbohydrates, sugar and meat
  • Age
  • Gender – women are four times more susceptible to losing bone density and likely to develop osteoporosis than men