YouthBos Beach Waves Hair Mist 100ml

Get beautiful, wind-swept, texturised hair with the YouthBos Beach Waves Hair Mist – no beach vacation required. Sprays containing sea salt add volume and texture to hair – like the beachy waves you get from swimming in the ocean. Fine hair? No problem! Use the hair mist as a pre-styler to add body for a more voluminous hairstyle. Salt also has oil-absorbing properties to boost limp hair.
Shake bottle and spray on dry or damp hair from roots to tips – no need to wash hair first. Tousle hair and let air dry or dry with hair dryer for optimal volume.
  • Rooibos extract
  • Sea salt
  • Adds texture to hair
  • Does not weigh down hair
  • Adds volume to fine hair
  • Infused with Rooibos and sea salt
  • Aquatic fragrance
For people who would like a beautiful, tousled, wavy hair without having to take a dip in the ocean
This unique formulation contains sea salt, which creates beautiful beach wave hair, and Rooibos extract that helps keep hair healthy and strong.
  • Even Skin Moisturiser
  • Skin Detox
  • Clear Complexion Freshener