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Resque Calming Essential Roll On 10ml

The Resque Calming Essential Roller is made from a unique blend of essential oils that will help to calm your mind.

Roll the bottle in-between your hands to warm the contents, then apply to the pulse points as needed

• Green Rooibos Extract
• Rosewood Oil
• Geranium Oil
• Cederwood Oil
• Juniper Oil
• Lavender Oil

Easy to apply
Travel Size
Relieve your mind from stressful situation
Blend of essential oils with calming and relaxing properties

  • People that work in stressful environments
  • Help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • People that need help to switch of before going to bed

The unique blend of essential oils is packaged in an easy to apply roll-on bottle. The liquid can be applied to tension points or can be breathed in for calming the mind and body.

  • Resque Rooibos and Lavender Body Lotion 200ml
  • Resque Rooibos and Lavender Massaging Soap Bar 110g
  • Resque Rooibos and Lavender Hand and Cuticle Butter 30ml